Back to Life

from by Virgin Twin



Used to waste all my time
Just trying to keep from walking in a straight line,
Trying hard to define
A design to confine this mind of mine.
If I could see it, well, I couldn’t believe it.
I spent most of my days
Chasing six illusions in the same way.
Thought that earning my pay
Would delay the decay of what…of what? Of what, I couldn’t say.
I couldn’t take it so I thought I could leave it.
I was standing with my back to life,
Watching the shadows on the wall.

I was empty of love,
I was of th’opinion there was not enough.
I might push or I’d shove,
But there’s stuff that it’s tough to rise above.
I couldn’t give it so I couldn’t receive it.
But put all joking aside,
How I tried to hide my own suicide.
Might deny it, but inside
I’d decided I’d ride the great divide.
But once you lose it you can never retrieve it.
No, this ain’t never coming back to life.
And darling you’ll never see it all
Just counting the teardrops as they fall.

Please, everybody back to life.
Time for everybody getting back to life.
Turn away from death, get everybody back to life.
When you’re silent inside
And got your mind and heart open wide,
You’ll hear the call.

Well, I’m infinity-bound
Now I’ve found the sound that’s all around.
So get your spirits unwound,
‘Cause it resounds from the mountains and the towns.
And once you feel it you can’t help but believe it.
With every beat we can start
To discard the hardness from our hearts.
It’s all that’s held us apart,
So let us chart a new course and then depart.
(We’ve come too far not to play that card,
Not to play our part in the cosmic art.)
We all have pain and we all want to relieve it.
When you find truth in your own heart, you’ll never deceive it.
And once you find it you’ll want all to receive it.
Our destination’s in us all.


from Sacred Precinct, released September 17, 2002



all rights reserved


Virgin Twin Lancashire, UK

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