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Well I’ve done what I could with the words and music,
The rest is up to you.
Three minutes and 15 seconds,
Carrying a message that’s gotta get through.
It used to be me, so wild and free,
I’d try five different endings if I pleased.
Now I stand at the mic and I wait for the light
While the girls and the boys in the band off in studio three.

If I promise not to touch nothing,
Will you let me sit in on the mix in your booth?
Handing over the reins of my musical sleigh to you
Scares me, to tell you the truth.
It used to be just my band and me,
Dreaming of VH1 and MTV.
But behind the music, never disclose
These lonely nights spent in other people’s studios.

It used to be it was down time,
Deciding if it was right or what was missing.
Nowadays I gotta learn to trust in fate,
But it’s so hard to wait, maybe I won’t even listen.

Before I was here cutting tracks myself,
I wasn’t sure that you’d exist.
Now I’m worrying the urge to fiddle with the faders
Might be more than you can resist.
I’m praying you’ll lend me clarity, transparently,
Bring focus to my vision.
But I worked so hard to get me here,
Not the time for fear, time for open-heart submission.


from Sacred Precinct, released September 17, 2002



all rights reserved


Virgin Twin Lancashire, UK

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